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The establishment of Nature Safari Tours was a dream come true for the dedicated group of conservationists (who have worked hard for wildlife conservation since the last 20 years). The prime reason for the establishment of Nature Safari Tours is to provide employment opportunities to the locals and to the keen and enthusiastic citizens of Nepal, to support conservation activities through its own programmers or by supporting other civil society to complete the missions. In this regard, Nature Safari Tours has been regularly conducting awareness programmes, has been a main sponsor and founding Corporate Sponsor of Himalayan Nature and Bird Conservation Nepal and has carried out following important activities:

  • Nature Safari Tours has invested nearly money and resources worth of more than 1500 US$ per year towards conservation activities

  • It supports not for profit organizations such as Bird Conservation Nepal and Himalayan Nature.

  • Encourages and promotes institutions that comply with the ethics of Responsible Tourism.

  • Has supported numerous conservation activities, for lists of our support please email us.

  • Has been providing support to Annual Bird Festival in Koshi Tappu via our sister concern Koshi Camp.

  • All board members and employees with our institute and those which we support follow the rules of sustainable and culturally sensitive operations.

  • Our annual support to conservation comes to be more than 15% of our gross profit.

  • If you would like to learn more about us please drop a line, we would be more than pleased to provide additional information.

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